Teaching with Technology: Then, Now, and Beyond

Like technology, or perhaps because of it, American society is undeniably moving at breakneck speed... In of itself, technology is a broad term—one that could potentially lead an unwary author and his or her unassuming audience down a figurative rabbit hole of no return... [T]he present inquiry shall be confined to the role of technology in education over the last 30 years—a span of time characterized by the emergence and exponential growth of the Internet, which spurred unprecedented socioeconomic change and educational reform in the United States.

Unit Plan: Seventh Grade Texas History – “Unit 3: Mexican Texas, 1821 – 1836”

Regardless of how teachers approach the matter, establishing a rationale for studying history is paramount to student success. By extension, educators must also venerate the related social sciences, which complement and enhance many of the cognitive processes commonly used in other disciplines, such as mathematics, the performing arts, or any number of the physical sciences.