Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana (2016)

Robert Ranstadler, M.A., M.Ed., B.S., MMRW, USMC (Ret.)

Robert Ranstadler is a retired U.S. Marine, certified secondary school teacher, and federal resume writer who turned to teaching and freelance writing after leaving active duty service in 2015. He holds advanced degrees in education and history and has written multiple feature-length articles for a variety of patrons across multiple industries. Some of his recent clients include War History Online, Reliving History Magazine, G. I. Jobs, Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks, and Editage by Cactus Communications.

Robert is also an experienced project manager, part-time educator, and avid volunteer within his local community. He enjoys sharing his 20 years of global leadership experience with young people by working as a pre-service teacher, private tutor, and volunteering with local museums and historic preservation societies. Robert and his family presently reside in Houston, Texas.


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