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Anyone who regularly follows my work will likely have noticed a conspicuous silence over the past couple of months. Part of this has to do with my family's recent household move, from Virginia to Texas, which was wrought with drama. Despite a broken-down moving truck and a "near-fatal" incident involving the offloading of a 900lb washing machine, we all managed to make it to Houston in relatively one piece.

Other reasons for my lack of updates involve my continuing education and a few print works that I've been steadily plugging away on since earlier this year. I'm scheduled to complete a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management, with Villanova University, later this month and my book, Into the Hornet's Nest, is continuing to take shape daily. I've also penned about a dozen or so ghostwriting projects that obviously can't be shared in a public forum.

On other fronts, I plan to start a new volunteer position aboard the Battleship Texas later this month, am beginning work on my Texas public school teacher's certification later this year, and have a few things in work behind the scenes at The Digitorian.

So, the bottom line is to please stay tuned! I sincerely appreciate all the backing of my fans, friends, and family- your kind words and support are invaluable.

All the best,


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